Why Offshore Injured Workers Need to Get an Offshore Injury Lawyer

why injured offshore workers have no lawyers

Although many people may think that injured offshore workers would definitely get a lawyer for the unfortunate situations they find themselves in, this is not always the case. Not all workers will want to go for an offshore injury attorney because of several reasons.

Reasons Why  Injured Offshore Workers Don’t Go For Lawyers

  • Offshore injured workers think that offshore injury lawyers are too expensive

Whenever we hear the word “attorney” or “lawyer”, we automatically picture spending thousands of dollars. However, that is not always the case. There are several offshore injury law firms that even provide free consultations in order to give you light of your situation. Understandably, getting a lawyer will cost you and yes, they may cost you a lot.

But you have to also think of what you will be able to get back if you hire these professionals. Monetary compensation and work benefits for the damages you have been through will be ensured, among many others.

  • Offshore injured workers have been led to believe they are at fault

Many oil rig companies are guilty of doing this. They will try to get you to speak up and admit that it was your fault. Doing so will free them from further responsibilities and liabilities they have of you. This will also free them from the need to compensate their injured worker. Usually, oil and gas companies will do this because it will save them from spending tons of cash as well as getting a horrible reputation.

With an offshore injury lawyer, however, you will be informed of your rights. Consulting an offshore injury lawyer will also enlighten you about your situation and will give you an objective perspective as to who is truly at fault.

  • Offshore injured workers fear their employers

Perhaps, you might have heard from other employees about the horrors of how your company deals with injured workers. Understandably, fear will lodge in your mind and that may be enough to block you from ringing a lawyer’s office.

However, offshore injury lawyers are there to help you. They are there to ensure that your rights have not been and will not be stepped on. Continuing to fear your employer or company is definitely one way of allowing them to abuse you, indirectly or directly.

  • Offshore injured workers fear they will get fired

Aside from already getting injured, you are scared of facing another major problem: getting fired. It’s true, some employers might drop threats of firing you if you do not adhere to their settlements or if you won’t do what they say. Do not let this get the best of you.

An offshore injury lawyer will ensure that the company will treat you fairly. Signs of bad company conduct will definitely be taken note of and possibly, you can even sue the company for more damages with the help of your attorney.

why offshore lawyer is important

So then why should injured offshore workers get an offshore injury lawyer?

The answer is simple: You need to get an offshore injury lawyer in order to protect yourself. Protect yourself from false accusations, unjust settlements, abuse, threats and so on. Getting a proper legal advice from legal professionals, like Rain Law’s criminal defense team, will surely land you a proper solution for your injury case. With this, you can be sure that you will not be cheated on by your own employer.