• Importance of Invoicing in an HVAC Service

    Starting a business and finding an interested investor is not always easy. But, when you manage to find a funding solution from a bank, venture capitalist or lending agency, then you should take utmost care in keeping up with the repayment dues every month. Additional care is required for businesses that require a huge capital, such as a service provider of HVAC for Greenville SC.

    http://www.gvlha.com/Several aspects of a business have to be managed carefully to ensure repayments are on time and are without due. One of the most overlooked aspects of a business that may lead you to spend a lot of time, money and energy to correct any errors caused, is the invoicing process. Here is how you can save a lot of money and spend more time on gaining more customers, just by making sure that your invoicing process is all safe, secure and exact.

    Keep Things in Order

    Invoices should be clear and the things listed should be in order. Let’s say you create an invoice for a service order. The things that are mentioned in the service contract invoice could be completely different from a maintenance invoice or a new installation invoice. A new installation may require more men, newer parts for every setup and more equipment that service or maintenance would ever require. So, keeping a separate invoice format for individual purpose becomes an important thing to take care of, in order to run your Greenville SC HVAC business without any problems with serving the right customers with the right type of information.

    While keeping separate invoices for individual processes may help you sort out the invoices in an order, it may sometimes lead to multiple invoicing. To avoid this issue, you can always get yourself invoicing software that may help you add fields, avoid reentries and maintain digital records.

    Print Warranty Statement

    As the most basic requirement of any invoice is the clear and orderly presentation of materials, products and services, the warranty statement printed on it stands as the next only thing that it requires. A HVAC Greenville SC business may even face legal issues when an invoice is missing a warranty statement even if there’s a warranty regarding the products or services listed in the invoice. So, just make sure that the invoice clearly states the replacement, repair or refund warranty coverage of parts, materials or services listed in each and every individual invoice.

    A professional business advisor may be your best bet in designing your invoice formats, as he could have a perfect understanding of the information to be printed on different forms of invoice.

  • How to Hire a Business Coach

    great motivatorsFrom small business to large corporations, hiring a business coach has grown beyond the realms of the exclusively rich, to a common practice. Many business have benefited from the assistance of a good business coach. There are times when owners can be struggling to grow, who started a business without taking classes or a lot of previous experience. Business coaches can help them by advising them on what they need to do to meet their goals. They know more about the ins and outs of business and are great motivators. When it comes to hiring one the process can involve a fair of amount of background checks, but so long as you know what to look for, it can be one of the best choices to make as a business person.

    Set a goal and a budget before you begin looking.

    When it comes to hiring a business coach, you will benefit the most when you start the project with a clear goal in mind. You don’t always have to be able to identify the problems, as that is part of what they help you do. But if there is a general issue it is good to have that in mind. If you are wanting to expand but not sure how to get to that point, they can help you with that. Before setting up the first interview, you need to be able to discuss how well their qualifications meet with your needs. You also need to keep in mind how much you can afford and what is the best rate for a quality business coach. They can run anywhere from $1500 to $3,000 or more a month depending on what they are needed for and how long it takes to get there.

    At the interview, never settle after the first meeting.


    At least a two part interview should be conducted. Either you are given information about the business coach before hand or at the interview. Whichever comes first, you want to be able to confirm some information with them and then verify it for yourself as well. If they say they had perfect scores on their schooling grades and managed  to help a small business become a small chain of businesses, then you should verify these facts for yourself. The actual marks may be a bit more tedious to confirm, but the more important boast of past success can be the matter of a simple phone call. Aside from having great charisma and a nice resume, they should be genuine and able to be proven genuine.

  • Wealth Management Edmonton: Exploring the Possibilities

    Catering to high net worth individuals and families, ETF Capital Management  focuses on wealth management in Edmonton.  Most financial management houses are located in big cities, where high net worth individuals are often located.  This is due to the centralized concept of corporate structures, where the company sets up an office where the people are. Unfortunately, this does not usually work for all high net worth individuals who can be located practically anywhere where they would like to work and live.

    Accessible wealth management professionals are important to their client. Among the many advantages of financial planners in Edmonton, some include:

    • Being close to the clients. The clients’ accessibility to their wealth advisors is totally different from the accessibility of their investments. Individuals with their own personal wealth are not expected to be having their hands in every piece of their portfolio. They have investment bankers, and financial managers to do that for them.
    • Low-key living. Edmonton is one place where having a high net worth is not news worthy. It has a progressive culture, and a great place to be for vacations and for a healthy lifestyle. This is a place where the wealthy would want to have a vacation. An individual with high net worth does not draw attention to himself when he lives in Edmonton.
    • Global communications reach. With the Internet and advanced communications facilities, there is no reason why a person with reach cannot stay here year-round. In fact, this is a place with amenities as much as any other haven for wealthy citizens. Online accessibility for the investment portfolio is all that is needed to manage them.
    • Fluid online boundaries. In the same manner, wealth management in Edmonton is not only for individuals in Canada. In addition, with global business opportunities, wealth management is no longer limited by national borders. It is just as easy to invest in European energy as it is to invest in a coffee chain. Being where the clients are is just as important as being where the investments are.

    For some people, they do not need to put up offices in order to work. If the CEO and founder of a big corporation wanted to have offices in New York, they are expected to be there for meetings and talking to clients. However, if the clients are not in New York, then there is no sense to be in the city full-time. In the same manner, time management is one trait of wealthy individuals. They know that they can work more it there were less distractions. Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk is famously quoted as working a hundred hours per week. A careful study of his work habits show that he does work more than a hundred hours per week, and that he does this without any need of going to the corporate office.

    Financial planning has become more important for the upper class. Now that they have amassed wealth, the problem is keeping the wealth and making it grow larger. It is a lot easier to lose all that money, than it is to make it grow. The founder’s mindset is not usually passed on to his heirs. This disadvantage can be filled by professional wealth managers who are ready to help wherever their client may be.